Twarry's Twerrific Twarachters! (Twarry's Terrific Characters)

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Twarry's Twerrific Twarachters! (Twarry's Terrific Characters)

Post  Twarry on Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:25 am

Ginga Yami Genbi

Username: Twarry
Dog you want to be: Hougen
How active with this rp will you be? CHOOSE ONE: So-so


Name...: Jennalie
Age...: 16
Gender...: Female
Creature...: Dragon, Jadger, red dragon with a green spike on the end of his tail, 147, male
Description...: Short-ish brown hair always kept up in a spiky ponytail. Brown eyes that go perfectly with her thin lips.
Personality...: Caring and loving, always ready to play with Jadger. But once you aggravate her..uh out.
Other...: No hints! What a Face

Name...: Jonah
Age...: 16
Gender...: Male
Creature...: Unicorn, Elena, white coat with a pink rainbow colored maneand tail, her horn is silver, 156, female
Description...: Long brown cropped hair that he always shakes out of his face. Brown eyes that can melt any girl's heart.
Personality...: Funny, laughable guy but he can be a bit full of himself at times.
Other...: No hints! What a Face

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