*Sad Deaths of Mortals*- Vampire RP

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*Sad Deaths of Mortals*- Vampire RP Empty *Sad Deaths of Mortals*- Vampire RP

Post  Purple~Smurf on Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:54 am

This is not a normal school for a mortal.
We are all different in our own special way. We are hunters of the night. None of us can help it if we fall in love or murder humans on our territory. It's for protection. Many of our students here possess a rare talent. Are you one of them? Maybe you are. But if you look closer in our school, you'll see pale faced teenagers with abnormal teeth.

Think you can survive? Here's a form:

Vampire Age:
Rare Talent (Check to see if it's taken):

My rules are simple. 1, fill out the form elite. 2, have fun!

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